Supervisory Skills Training

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Effective supervision is crucial to the success of every organization.

Good supervisors raise productivity, efficiency and employee morale. Confident, competent supervisors enhance your organization’s ability to attract and retain the right people.

Front-line leaders today must manage a broad set of responsibilities, as well as customer demands with sometimes conflicting expectations.

AIM ensures that your supervisors are up to the task. Our focused, interactive classes provide participants with practical skills, strategies, and tools that can be applied in the workplace immediately.

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The talents of your front-line leadership are essential to your organizational success.

This program is designed for new team and/or group leaders; front-line leaders who were promoted but never given leadership education; or supervisors seeking a leadership boost. The content is applicable across all industries. Participants will learn to maximize their team performance, engage and influence employees, manage their time and build confidence in their decisions.

Participants will develop their own Individual Development Plan (IDP) to use after the series to continue their leadership evolution.

Individuals completing the three required classes** and at least five electives will receive a certificate of completion as a means of demonstrating a tier one level of professional competence.

Continuing Education Credits
HRCIMany of the classes in these series have been approved for PHR and SPHR recertification through the Human Resources Certification Institute (HRCI).

AIM Member / entire series:  $1390
AIM Member / individual class:  $150
Non-Member / entire series:  $1925
Non-Member / individual class:  $205

Full Series Discounting Offer: 3 Attendees for the Cost of 2!

Please contact Beth Yohai for more information at or 617.488.8335.

Front-Line Supervisor Series:
Ten half-day modules. Take one or take all ten.

Class 1 | The Emerging Role of the Front-Line Leader**
-  Learn your role in representing the organization’s culture.
-  Discover what the people who work for you want and expect.
-  Begin creating your personal Individual Development Plan (IDP).

Class 2 | Setting Priorities, Defining Objectives and Managing Time
-  Discover strategies for effective personal goal development.
-  Learn how to support your goals through hands-on exercises.
-  Evaluate approaches for prioritizing competing tasks.
-  Gain essential time-management skills.

Class 3 | Developing a Leadership Style
-  Explore, and learn how to use, different leadership styles.
-  Identify your own leadership style and how it impacts your success.
-  Explore how generational differences may impact leadership style.
-  Gain insight into influencing your team.

Class 4 | Effective Communications
-  Explore concepts of effective communication.
-  Understand the impact of listening and interpretation.
-  Learn strategies for harnessing new media in your workplace.
-  Develop communication techniques to influence your team.

Class 5 | Developing Your People
-  Inventory your teams strengths, weaknesses, and needs.
-  Address problems associated with underperforming staff.
-  Learn to plan for unexpected turnover of your best performers.
-  Develop, coach, and support your employees.

Class 6 | Leading a Multicultural Workforce
-  Learn best practices for leading employees of different backgrounds.
-  Address multi-generational differences among employees.
-  Discover methods for inclusion that provide equal opportunities.
-  Review cultural issues that my affect recruitment and retention.

Class 7 | Today's Legal Environment**
-  Review the federal and state employment laws that impact your role.
-  Learn what happens when an employee sues the company.
-  Explore strategies for reducing legal risk and potential challenges.

Class 8 | Resolving Conflicts and Problems
-  Discover and improve your personal style for dealing with conflict.
-  Understand and minimize the nature and cause of conflict.
-  Learn how to deal with difficult people.

Class 9 | Building Your Team by Working Together
-  Focus on a clear, common goal relates to your team’s success.
-  Explore how working as a team is most productive.
-  Manage team conflict toward constructive results.

Class 10 | Utilizing Your Front Line Leadership Toolkit**
-  Review of key concepts from the series.
-  Clarify outstanding questions.
-  Work through a case study to support understanding of key concepts.
-  Review recommendations for your Individual Development Plan (IDP).

**Required for Certificate


AIM's content designers develop unique programs designed to accomplish your desired outcomes.

Whether your company is large or small, it’s often cost-effective to bring training programs on-site.   AIM can help you identify issues, assess training needs, and deliver sessions designed specifically to address those needs.

The Employer’s Resource Group offers highly interactive training modules designed to generate thought, sharpen skills, and enhance the overall competence and confidence of your employees.  Participants will build their ability to influence, lead change and spark innovation — while creating an environment that attracts and retains excellent staff.

AIM Will Work With You To:

  • Incorporate role-plays or scenarios reflective of your industry, your company, and your managers.
  • Target presentations for different levels of management.
  • Ensure that your organization’s strategic message and philosophy are conveyed.

Please contact Beth Yohai for more information at or 617.488.8335

AIM Expert:
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Supervisory Skills
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AIM's classes and on-site training provide your supervisors with the skills needed to be effective leaders.