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Associated Industries of Massachusetts supports tax and fiscal policies that encourage growth, investment, jobs and opportunity. Only economic growth creates the sustainable financial foundation government requires to provide public safety, education, road repair and other primary services.

IRS Issues Final Rules on Repairs

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Taxpayer Privacy
AIM strongly opposes An Act Relative to Tax Expenditure Information, which would provide the state auditor with unfettered access to corporate information, including but not limited to tax returns, under the guise of reviewing tax expenditures.

AIM Supports

Improve the tax administrative laws of the commonwealth
Reform current administrative procedures in favor of more efficient collections of taxes and settlements.

Equalize the Department of Revenue interest rates
Equalize the current short-term interest rate on money owed by a taxpayer to the Massachusetts Department of Revenue (DOR)  from a high of 4 percent compounded daily to a rate of 2 percent simple interest, which is the current rate paid by the DOR to a taxpayer when the taxpayer is due a refund or has overpaid.

State Budget

Massachusetts State Budget for Fiscal Year 2015
AIM supports a balanced budget without new taxes and fees that put a damper on economic development and job growth.

June 2014 | Letter to Budget Conference Committee

Employers: Budget Should Prioritize Training, Manufacturing


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