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Massachusetts employers know that a well-educated, highly-skilled workforce is the foundation of their competitiveness and of the commonwealth’s prosperity.

AIM supports public policy that strengthens the education of children, young adults and incumbent workers for an increasingly technical and complex economy. AIM also recognizes educational achivement with the annual John Gould Education & Workforce Development Award, which honors contributions to the improvement of public education and the advancement, employability, and productivity of the residents of the commonwealth. 


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Public Schools - AIM generally addresses K-12 school reform issues in partnership with the Massachusetts Business Alliance for Education. For more than two decades, MBAE has been the voice of business on education policy and the lead advocate for our state’s ongoing standards-based reform program. 

Early Childhood Education - The employer community has long recognized that early childhood education is the most cost-effective investment in building learning and skills.  In this field, we work with Early Education for All and the Bessie Tartt Wilson Initiative for Children.

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) - The “pipeline” of local talent in STEM fields is a cornerstone of the commonwealth’s economy, and a principal concern for many AIM members in a broad range of industries. AIM participates in the Massachusetts STEM Business Leaders Coalition and is a lead association partner of the Mass Math + Science Initiative (MMSI), one of six state programs under the National Math and Science Initiative. AIM members are engaged in collaborative activities with schools statewide, such as Raytheon’s MathMovesU program and the LIFT2 program for math and science teachers. AIM also advocates the effective use of instructional technology to enhance teaching and learning and to improve efficiency.

Charter Public Schools - Charter schools are an integral component of the ongoing education reform agenda, providing laboratories for change as well as choice for parents and students. AIM is active in efforts to promote the growth of charter schools in Massachusetts.

Higher Education - Massachusetts colleges and universities are vital assets to the commonwealth, and are also major employers. AIM has particularly strong relationships with the University of Massachusetts system and with Northeastern University. We advocate for measures to maintain and strengthen the pre-eminent position of our state’s higher education sector. AIM supports the Department of High Education’s Vision Project and participates in the Coalition FOR Community Colleges.

Middle Skills - AIM recognizes the importance of postsecondary preparation for the high-skills workforce and has endorsed Skills2Compete - Massachusetts.

Worker Training - Training programs for prospective and incumbent workers are a key component of workforce development, and one in which AIM is deeply involved. Our policy goals are to facilitate, encourage and extend these programs, to do so in ways that respond to identified needs of employers and opportunities for workers.  In addition to our own training programs, AIM works cwith the Workforce Training Fund Program and with the Massachusetts Manufacturing Extension Partnership. AIM is represented by statute of the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education’s Adult Basic Education Advisory Council. We and our members are also engaged in various ways with the statewide network of Workforce Investment Boards.

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Workforce Development
Education, training, workforce development, education and training
AIM supports public policy that strengthens the education of children, young adults and incumbent workers for an increasingly technical and complex economy.