Unemployment Insurance

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AIM is leading the effort among Massachusetts employers to moderate Unemployment Insurance tax increases in the short term while restructuring the unemployment system to prevent such rate spikes in the future.

The Massachusetts Legislature and Governor Deval Patrick froze Unemployment Insurance rates in 2011 and 2012, averting more than $700 million in automatic tax increases to employers during the two years.

AIM supports long-term structural reforms that would bring Massachusetts into line with Unemployment Insurance practices in a majority of other states by limiting the duration of benefits to 26 weeks, increasing work and wage requirements for benefit eligibility, and updating rate tables to create equity in employer UI payments. Massachusetts currently has one of the highest Unemployment Insurance rates in the nation.


AIM Expert:
John Regan
Executive Vice President
Government Affairs

Unemployment Insurance
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The latest information from AIM on Unemployment Insurance and how public policy changes and rates may effect Massachusetts employers.