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Surviving in a World of Cyberterrorism

June 8 | 11 am - Noon | Online
A global ransomware attack dubbed WannaCry last week disabled more than 200,000 computers worldwide, shut down much of the British health-care system and caused significant business losses.
Employers increasingly depend upon sprawling computer networks and cloud computing to operate efficiently, but a lack of secure technology and end-user training by businesses invites hacks, data compromise, espionage and theft.
How can you protect your company from the next WannaCry? What can you do if you become a victim?
Associated Industries of Massachusetts invites you to a complimentary Webinar featuring two prominent experts who will discuss steps you need to take to respond to the cybersecurity threat.


Featured Experts

Jeffrey Lauria, Vice President of Techology, iCorps Technologies


Sumit Pal, Principal, WithumSmith+Brown



AIM Expert:
Christopher Geehern
Executive Vice President
Marketing & Communications

Just-in-Time Webinars