Compensation Services

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 AIM compensation specialists help high-performing companies develop pay and benefit plans that drive corporate results. We can assist your company on a project, interim, or ongoing basis. We provide the level of service you need for as long as you need it.

The individuals who perform this work are seasoned, highly professional, and carefully selected employees of AIM. We offer experience in almost every industry—manufacturing, high tech, start-ups, retail, financial services, health care, distribution, banking, and more.


  • Project Basis
  • Interim Basis
  • Ongoing Basis

Writing or reviewing job descriptions
Benchmarking of total compensation
Point factor job evaluation programs
Developing compensation structure
Implementing salary planning tools
Conducting market reviews
Customized compensation and benefits surveys
Developing compensation policies and practices
Developing bonus and other incentive plans
Sales compensation plans
Developing critical job competencies
Developing a performance management system
Executive compensation
Compensation training for managers and supervisors

Assistance on multiple projects
Supplement existing staff during peak work periods
Fill in for absent compensation specialist
Recruitment of a compensation specialist
Shadow/mentor newly assigned staff member
Mentor/train HR generalist in compensation

For smaller organizations that do not need a full-time Compensation Specialist, or for larger businesses that need longer-term
assistance without increasing their own headcount, AIM’s carefully selected, highly qualified professionals are the perfect solution.

AIM Expert:
Beth Yohai
Senior Director

AIM Compensation Services
Compensation, compensation planning
AIM's helps companies develop pay and benefit plans that drive corporate results. Specialists are available for project, interim, or ongoing basis.