Compliance and Handbooks

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Human resource professionals play a key role in ensuring that their companies comply with hundreds of state and federal employment laws and regulations.

HR people are also centerpoint of communication between management and workers.

The most successful companies in Massachusetts turn to AIM to keep their employee handbooks, HR operations and affirmative action plans compliant with increasingly sophisticated and ever-changing rules.


  • Handbooks
  • Audit Services
  • Affirmative Action Plans

Handbook review
Handbook development
AIM Model Handbook
Handbook Policy Subscription Service

HR Compliance audits
HR Comprehensive audit
Benefit Election Audit


Affirmative Action Plan development
Affirmative Action Plan and program review
Technically defensible recordkeeping forms
Executive, management and supervisory training

AIM Expert:
Beth Yohai
Senior Director

Compliance and Handbooks
employee handbook
Custom Employee Handbooks by AIM. Keep your employee handbook, HR operations, and affirmative action plans compliant with ever-changing rules.