Human Resources Team

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Gary MacDonald Executive Vice President, Employer's Resource Group

Gary MacDonald has worked with hundreds of Massachusetts employers on leadership development, organizational effectiveness and HR management. Gary brings to AIM three decades of business experience with global companies such as Thomson Financial and General Electric, and his expertise ranges from facilitating strategic planning with top management to through teaching foundational management skills to brand new supervisors.

Karen Choi Senior Vice President, Management and HR Services

Karen Choi loves an HR challenge. She brings three decades of broad based Human Resource management experience to the task of designing and delivering HR solutions to Massachusetts employers.Karen oversees the Management and HR consulting services at AIM..

Russ Sullivan Vice President, Health Care Solutions

Russ Sullivan connects Massachusetts employers with employee relations, compensation, benefits, recruitment and performance management solutions to enhance their operating performance and ensure their compliance to human resources regulations.  Russ brings 30 years of senior human resources leadership experience to AIM members through business development, HR Round Tables, webinars, training and the delivery of customized services.

Tom Jones, Esq. Vice President

Tom is an attorney specializing in labor and employment matters. He has spent almost a decade helping AIM members solve Human Resources concerns on the hotline and at monthly roundtables. Tom previously served and as deputy director  and general counsel to the Massachusetts Department of Labor where he oversaw implementation of state labor and employment laws. Tom is an MCAD certified trainer who provides harassment and discrimination training and investigations.  

Lori Bourgoin Vice President, Educational Programs

Lori brings experience with a diverse array of industries to her work supporting of the human resources and management functions of AIM member employers. She is director-elect for the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Massachusetts State Council.

Joanne Blaser Director

Joanne brings 25+ years of business and client-focused HR success to the Employer’s Resource Group.  Prior to joining AIM in April 2014, her experience spanned diverse industries including information services, direct marketing, department store retailing, and environmental services.  Joanne’s love of performance & talent management, employee relations and HR program management, coupled with her work with corporate benefits programs makes her a valuable HR advisor to senior management and front-line managers alike.  

Terry Cook Senior Director

Terry has a real passion for human resources. She brings over 20 years of experience in a variety of industries including; manufacturing, retail and construction. Terry has a masters degree in industrial organizational psychology and a M.B.A. She currently works with members on hotline, recruiting assignments, and project management and scheduling for all onsite and public training sessions.

Tally Lauter Director

Tally Lauter has more than 40 years of experience managing manufacturing organizations and leading human resource functions within companies.  Tally brings a hands-on approach to solving problems in an effort to build consensus as the resolution.  He has a wealth of experience working within unionized companies as well as within the public sector.

Martha McDonald Director

Martha McDonald brings 10 years of experience as a financial manager and more than 15 years in human resources focusing on recruitment, benefits and compensation.  Her broad base of experience with manufacturing, defense and unionized Massachusetts employers large and small makes her an asset to any company in today’s environment

Jenny Munroe Director

Jenny Munroe has worked in human resources for 15 years, with an HR generalist and management background. She provides top-notch services for a variety of industries including: healthcare, advertising, real estate and pharmaceuticals. Jenny is certified by the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination as an Internal Discrimination Complaint Investigator.

Kyle Pardo Senior Director

Kyle Pardo's 20 years of experience and master’s degree in human resources management makes her a valued member of the Employer’s Resource Group staff.  Kyle works with employers on HR audits, compensation program design and review and handbook reviews.  Kyle’s expertise in compensation and benefits makes her the ideal person to manage AIM’s wage, benefits and sales compensation services.

Michael Rudman Senior Director

Mike has more than 35 years of comprehensive experience in human resources management.  Prior to working for AIM, he was most recently vice president of human resources for a $400 million consumer electronics company. He works with companies in the areas of incentive and sales compensation, strategic planning, organization and succession planning, team building, benefits design, human resources mentoring, employee and labor relations, and general management consultation.

Liz Warrick Senior Director

Liz brings over 25 years of experience in human resource management, leadership development and customer service training to our members.  Prior to AIM, she held positions in high technology, telecommunications, internet services, manufacturing, insurance and legal.  She brings additional expertise in employee relations, employment, employment law and compensation.

She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Social Work from Bridgewater State College and a Certification in Human Resources Management from Bentley College.  She also holds a PHR certification.

Stacey Wenczel Director

Stacey has loved every day of her nearly 20-year career as a human resources management professional after earning a Master’s Degree from Rutgers University, Institute of Management and Labor Relations.  AIM members employ Stacey's experience with employee relations and performance management, in combination with her knowledge of “best practices” in workplace safety and OSHA standards, to help them build an engaged and safe workforce.  

Beth Yohai Director

Beth Yohai is a broad based human resources professional with over 25 years of experience developing and aligning HR strategies to support business goals and objectives.  Beth's experience spans all facets of human resources management and in a variety of industries including manufacturing, retail, telecommunications, and energy distribution.  Having owned and operated a successful small business in Massachusetts, Beth brings a unique perspective to the many challenges facing our members.

Human Resources Team
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AIM's Human Resources Services and Education team provide world-class management and HR services and educate your workers and managers for the new economy.