AIM Human Resource Services

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AIM is the premier provider of services to employers in the areas of On-Site Human Resources, Compensation Design, Employment and Recruitment, and Compliance and Handbooks.

Our HR and management professionals bring more than 300 years of collective experience to their work on behalf of companies of all sizes and types. We forge long-term client relationships with that reflect AIM’s mission as a non-profit association of Massachusetts employers.


  • On-Site HR
  • Compensation
  • Employment & Recruitment

Where do you turn if your growing company needs HR management, but isn’t yet large enough to hire a full-time HR director?

Or your HR director leaves and you need someone to bridge the gap until you hire a replacement?

AIM will place an experienced, qualified HR professional in your company for as much as you want and as long as you need. We can coach an in-house professional, ease the burden during periods of peak workloads, or actually become the human resource manager for a small- or mid-sized company.

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Compensation is the cornerstone of your ability to attract and retain the employees you need to succeed.

AIM compensation specialists help high-performing companies develop pay and benefit plans that drive corporate results. We can assist your company on a project, interim, or ongoing basis.

The individuals who perform this work are seasoned, highly professional, and carefully selected employees of AIM. We offer experience in almost every industry—manufacturing, high tech, start-ups, retail, financial services, health care, distribution, banking, and more.

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Managing the beginning or end of the relationship with an employee is a challenge for any employer. The best companies choose employees carefully, listen to employee ideas and learn from their mistakes.

AIM’s experienced HR professionals help you manage every step of the employment process, from recruiting top-notch talent and checking references to gauging employee engagement or conducting exit interviews.

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AIM HR Services Expert:
Beth Yohai
Senior Director

Need Help with Your Employee Handbook?

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AIM Human Resource Services
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AIM provides reliable, cost effective human resource services that help keep your company current, compliant, and competitive.