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AIMHealth is an innovative plan designed to help companies with 50 or more employees lower long-term health insurance costs through prevention, wellness and access to the highest-quality medical care available. It works like this:

  • Keep healthy people healthy;
  • Identify and treat those who are at risk for chronic illnesses;
  • Provide outstanding care with measurable results to those who are ill or who become ill; and
  • Bring the concepts of wellness and prevention into the workplace.

Healthy employees are happier and more productive than unhealthy employees. Healthy employees do better work and more of it that unhealthy employees. Healthy employees generate fewer absences and accidents, fewer sick days, and fewer disability and workers compensation claims. 

AIMHealth is a collaboration among four respected organizations determined to provide you with real solutions to the health insurance cost crisis:

  • Associated Industries of Massachusetts (AIM)
  • A.I.M. Mutual Insurance Companies
  • Tufts Health Plan
  • Best Doctors, Inc.

Contact your broker for a quote, or call Adelaide Lincoln at 800.876.2765.

  • Best Doctors
  • Decision Data
  • Smoker Premiums

Your employees will have direct access to Best Doctors, an international health-care organization helping people to receive the best possible medical care. Best Doctors enables your employees to have their diagnoses and treatment reviewed by expert doctors within their respective fields of medicine.

AIMHealth provides you with the kind of aggregate financial, clinical and wellness data about your employee population that was previously available only to larger companies. 

AIMHealth includes a mandatory contribution differential for smokers because a healthy lifestyle keeps medical costs down. Non-smoking employees are rewarded with a lower premium contribution than employees who smoke.

AIM Expert:
Russ Sullivan
Vice President
Health Care Solutions


AIM Health
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AIMHealth. Lower long-term health insurance costs with AIM's innovative plan for companies with fifty or more employees.