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Looking to increase revenues, find new customers or locate valuable suppliers?

BuyMass is a statewide initiative created by AIM to stimulate economic growth by encouraging Massachusetts companies to establish commercial relationships with one another.

There are two elements to BuyMass:

  • Regional supplier matchmaking events where global companies like Raytheon, Mestek and Pratt & Whitney meet with Massachusetts companies to meet specific product or technology needs;
  •, the business-to-business directory for more than 7,000 Massachusetts companies.

AIM operates BuyMass under the direction of a private-sector board of advisors. The initiative is also collaboration with the Massachusetts Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development and regional economic development agencies.

  • Founding Members
  • Partners
  • Matchmaking Events

Raytheon Company
Procter & Gamble | Gillette
General Electric
Johnson & Johnson
New Balance
Chase Corporation
Universal Plastics
Sturtevant Corporation
Universal Plastics
Roxbury Technology Corp.

BuyMass regional supplier matchmaking events provide global companies the opportunity to meet with pre-qualified suppliers of products, technologies, processes and services. Innovative, small companies gain access to decision-makers at large potential customers.

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The result? Mestek Inc. of Westfield used a recent matchmaking event to initiate a business relationship with Orion Industries of Ayer.

“Orion showed an interest in our business and demonstrated the strong technical ability that we need. Their lead time was also better than the incumbent and speed wins,” said Richard Kessler, the Vice President of Supply Management at Mestek.

AIM Expert:
Celia M. Grant
Vice President Marketing


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BuyMass Initiative
Buymass, business to business
BuyMass was created to stimulate economic growth by encouraging Massachusetts companies to estblish commercial relationships with one another.