About AIM

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Associated Industries of Massachusetts (AIM) is a community of Massachusetts employers working together to create public policy that supports economic opportunity and job growth. AIM is a tenacious and professional statewide lobbying organization with the unique size, influence, respect and professional talent to shape the economic future of Massachusetts.
AIM works on issues that affect every employer in Massachusetts, from multinational financial services firms to small manufacturing companies, from innovative software startups to the corner grocery store. AIM saves every employer in Massachusetts an average of $2,000 per employee per year through its role as the premier voice of business.
AIM also provides management and HR services that increase workforce productivity and improve the recruitment, retention and training of talented people.  
Become a member of the only employer association in Massachusetts that doesn’t take no for an answer.


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AIM supports pro-business legislation, provides cost-effective, reliable HR services and practical, real-world-focused management and supervisory training.