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Associated Industries of Massachusetts is built upon the power of thousands of employers speaking with a single voice on issues that affect economic opportunity in the commonwealth.
AIM members who risk everything to employ their neighbors in Boston, Worcester, Springfield and other communities in Massachusetts have always been willing to tell their stories to the representatives, senators and member of Congress in whose districts they operate.

The late House Speaker Tip O’Neill’s maxim that “all politics is local” has never been truer that it is today. And if all politics is local, the employer community represents a sleeping giant with enormous potential to drive sound public policy from the bottom up.


  • Ambassador Program
  • AIMVoice
  • Host a Tour
More than 200 senior Massachusetts business executives hold the title of AIM Ambassadors as they establish working relationships with their local senators and representatives. Ambassadors sometimes select an elected official from the area in which the business is located and other times from the area in which the Ambassador lives.
Ambassadors play a key role in providing the employer perspective to elected officials on economic and political issues.

AIMVoice allows Massachusetts employers to communicate directly via email or letter with elected officials on issues of importance to the Massachusetts economy.

The best way to help an elected official understand the challenges of running a business is to invite him or her to tour the office or plant that employs his/her constituents. Senators and representatives often come away impressed by the innovation, skill and technology at work in their districts.


AIM can work with you to plan a tour that will be memorable both for your company and your elected representative.


Contact Chris Geehern at 617.262.1180.

AIM Expert:
Bradley MacDougall
Executive Vice President
Public Affairs

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Associated Industries of Massachusetts supports legislation that encourage growth, investment, jobs and opportunity.
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