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Associated Industries of Massachusetts (AIM) engages in public policy work on behalf of employers who provide jobs to 650,000 Massachusetts residents.  We do so guided by the belief that only a vibrant, private-sector economy creates opportunity that binds the social, governmental, and economic foundations of our commonwealth.

Each year, AIM member employers articulate their principles, positions, beliefs and priorities in a document called CommonWealth. Here is what we stand for – we invite you to read the document.

AIM bases its work upon the idea that the creation of a job and a person’s ability to do it weaves together every important aspect of social and economic stability – the desire for a better life, the ability to support a family, the confidence to start a business, and the need to support efficient government management of services such as education, health care, and public safety. 

Download CommonWealth

AIM Expert:
Richard C. Lord
President & CEO

Commonwealth paper, public policy
AIM's CommonWealth position paper showcases our organization's priorities and principles.
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